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- we are a competent supplier that provides a wide range of aluminium with almost unlimited possibilities and our knowledge of aluminium allows us to find solutions that saves our customers money; we help you find what fits your wishes and requirements. aluminium et cetera is an independent supplier that gives you access to the whole supply of the aluminium industry; find out more below.

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aluminium et cetera are celebrating a great increase by 72%, meanwhile establishing a steady platform together with our great suppliers and, for sure, we are well prepared to support our customers for many years ahead!
- many thanks to our skilled staff who made it possible!

aluminium et cetera are celebrating

a big thanks!

aluminium et cetera exhibited during november 15 to 17th at the elmia subcontractor fair, which is the heart of the industry; there were many nice visits in our booth and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to visit us at the fair.

aluminium et cetera - a competent aluminium supplier

new bandsaw

aluminium et cetera is back from a sunny vacation and kickstarts the autumn with an installation of a new contribution within the production. A new bandsaw that provides us with quicker sawing, a greater capacity and better precision.

new bandsaw - aluminium et cetera

aluminium et cetera 15 years

the whole team of aluminium et cetera gathered in may 2022 to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary with a fun evening at Knock’ em Down in Växjö, Sweden; exciting tournaments with loads of laughter was combined with pleasant food & drinks and the evening ended with a lot of medals from the tournaments.

aluminum et cetera celebrates its 15th anniversary

transport - we reduce the environmental footprint

aluminium et cetera works hard to reduce the environmental footprints of transportation, loading and unloading; we are actively reducing our loading and unloading occasions from five days a week to four days a week, on fridays our warehouse is closed starting 1 may 2022.

lead-free aluminium alloys 6026 LF & 2033

aluminium et cetera is extra positive towards more environmentally friendly aluminium alloys, namely 6026 LF and 2033. aluminium et cetera takes great environmental responsibility, and works hard to contribute to a better environment therefore we were the first company in Sweden to have the lead-free alloy 6026 LF in stock and many customers have switched from 6025 to 6026 LF and are super happy with the results.

2033- a new lead-free alloy

the new lead-free aluminium alloy 2033 replaces alloy 2007. 2033 is one of the best alloys for automatic highspeed lashes, and it gives the following advantages:

  • excellent chip breaking.
  • longer lifespan of the tool.
  • greater mechanical capabilities.
  • better anodizing and weldability in comparison with the 2011, 2007 and 2030 alloys.
  • it does not contain lead or tin, and therefore complete the new requirements of RoHS: Pb < 0,1 %.
  • main applications: car industry, electric and electricity industry, precision machining, military, forging, screws, bolts and threaded parts in thin material.

- together we can contribute to a more sustainable environment. welcome to contact us >

unique circular frying pan

- the obvious choice for everyone with an environmental heart <3
aluminium et cetera is a proud supplier of a unique, circular and climate friendly frying pan; namely the worlds first circular frying pan. ONEPan is part of a circular economy, the “win-win economy” - it is a high performing frying pan made out of recycled material and with a new circular recycling system, read more >

ONEPan - uunique, circular frying pan